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The Docket is the Criminal Justice Research Center’s newsletter that describes our current projects, research results, and upcoming events.

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This spring has been a busy time for the Criminal Justice Research Center. Our activities this fall and winter furthered our goals of fostering research excellence, outreach and involvement with criminal justice agencies, and outreach with students. We had an active and competitive round of seed grant applications, and were able to fund four regular seed grants and one enhanced seed grant. I believe that these seed grants are at the core of what the CJRC does, since they incubate new research ideas and pilot studies that can lead to broader external funding and exciting new scholarship. We detail the ones we funded below, and we encourage all research affiliates to continue submitting their research ideas for future seed grant competitions. We welcomed a new postdoctoral scholar, Dr. Amber Petkus. Our Speaker Series has also continued to contribute to the intellectual community of the Department of Sociology and Criminology, as well as other departments and programs. Finally, we are happy to welcome Dr. Matt Kleiman as the new Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing. Dr. Kleiman has been a valuable partner with the Criminal Justice Research Center in his former capacity as Deputy Director of the PCS. We look forward to continuing our very productive research partnership with the PCS under Dr. Kleiman’s directorship. Jeffery Ulmer CJRC Director