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Advisory Board

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The Penn State Criminal Justice Research Center (CJRC) is housed within the College of the Liberal Arts and was established in 2009. The CJRC Advisory Board was reconstituted in 2017 and features 13 members consisting of agency research representatives, alumni representatives, and external and internal academic administrators.

The board meets once a year to provide feedback for Center strategic planning, communicate CJRC initiatives and research to outside stakeholders, strengthen existing collaborations, provide access for future research, data sharing, and funding opportunities, assistance in project proposal evaluations, and widen CJRC impact.

PSU Representative
Head, Department of Sociology and Criminology
Professor of Sociology and Criminology
PSU Representative
College of the Liberal Arts Associate Dean for Research, Distinguished Research Professor
Agency Partner
Director, Bureau of Research & Development at Pennsylvania State Police
Agency Partner
Research Director, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
Distinguished Professor of Criminal Justice
Agency Partner
Deputy Director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing
Liberal Arts Professor of Sociology and Criminology, Center Director from July 2017 to June 2021
(814) 867-0217
PSU Representative
Director, The Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center
Professor, Department of Biobehavioral Health
Consortium on Substance Use and Addiction
Alumni Representative
Administration of Justice ‘79
Commonwealth Campus Representative
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Abington
Criminal Justice Research Center Postdoctoral Scholar Alumni
Alumni Representative
Administration of Justice