Megan Kurlychek

Professor of Sociology, Criminology, and Public Policy

901 Oswald Tower

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: (814) 863-6436


Curriculum Vitae:

Megan Kurlycheck Headshot


Dr. Megan Kurlychek is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology at Penn State University.  She also has a part time appointment in the School of Public Policy and serves as Associate Director of the Criminal Justice Research Center.  Dr. Kurlychek’s research interests surround the impact of criminal justice system involvement on later life outcomes with a particular focus on juvenile justice, sentencing, disparities and the collateral consequences of a criminal record on employment and education.  Dr. Kurlychek is an Alum of Penn State holding a B.A. in Sociology  (1991) and a Ph.D. in Crime, Law and Justice (2004) from the University.  Prior to her current position, Dr. Kurlychek has worked at the Pennsylvania State Senate, the National Center for Juvenile Justice, the University of South Carolina and the University at Albany where she also served as Executive Director of the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center, Executive Director of the New York State Youth Justice Institute and Editor of Justice Quarterly.