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Professor of Sociology and Criminology
Program Co-Chair, Criminal Justice Policy and Administration MPS Degree, World Campus
(814) 865-6429

Managing Director

Research Professor
(814) 863-6206

Associate Director

Professor of Sociology, Criminology, and Public Policy
(814) 863-6436

Visiting Scholar

Postdoctoral Scholars

PA Commission on Sentencing Postdoctoral Scholar
PA Department of Corrections Postdoctoral Scholar
(814) 863-1140
PA Commission on Sentencing Postdoctoral Scholar
(814) 863-2797

Outreach and Enrichment Coordinator

Outreach and Enrichment Coordinator

Administrative Support Assistance

CJRC Administrative Support Coordinator


(814) 867-3295

Graduate Student Assistants

PA Commission on Sentencing Graduate Student

Criminal Justice Research Center - Abington

CJRC - Abington - Faculty Lead
Commonwealth Campus Representative on Advisory Board
Criminal Justice Research Center Postdoctoral Scholar Alumni
(215) 881-7808
CJRC-Abington- Assistant Research Professor
(215) 881-7340
CJRC-Abington- Administrative Support Assistant
(215) 881-7340