External Agency Partners

These are agencies we work with for research dissemination and program evaluation.

The partnership between the PCS and the CJRC is formalized through an MOU between the PCS, CJRC and the Department of Sociology and Criminology. This MOU facilitates the funding of two post doctoral scholars, two graduate students, various undergraduates (project specific), faculty seed grants and various other projects. A representative from the PCS also serves on the CJRCC advisory board.  Read the 2020 October Monthly Update from PCS here.

PCS Partner Affiliate: Matthew Kleiman, Executive Director, PCS . 

The partnership between the CJRC and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections extends back to the beginnings of the CJRC, and has centered around research and evaluation into substance use and substance use treatment programs. The centerpiece of this partnership has been the Prison Inmate Networks Study (PINS) portfolio of studies, all of which have been conducted within PA State Correctional Institutions. The PADOC is also sponsoring a post doctoral scholar who works through the CJRC. Amber Petkus is the PA Department of Corrections Postdoctoral Scholar, in her role she works closely with the Bureau of Planning, Research & Statistics at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. A representative from the PADOC serves on the CJRC advisory board.  

PADOC Partner Affiliate: Dr. Kristofer Bret Bucklen, Director, Planning, Research and Statistics.