Glenn Sterner

CJRC - Abington - Faculty Lead
Commonwealth Campus Representative on Advisory Board
Criminal Justice Research Center Postdoctoral Scholar Alumni

Sutherland, 403B Penn State Abington Sutherland Building Abington, PA 19001

Phone: (215) 881-7808

Curriculum Vitae:


Glenn Sterner received his PhD in Rural Sociology from The Pennsylvania State University. His main research agenda is focused on the application of social network analysis in understanding dark (illicit and illegal) and gray (covert) networks. His dissertation examined and documented the use of social networks in community organizing processes in four municipalities. His current projects include the examination of opiate abuse networks, illegal opiate distribution, and community-police networks to address the opiate epidemic. Please visit the Justice Center’s site Addressing the Opiate Epidemic to learn more about these projects. Glenn is examining the use of social network analysis techniques to address deception in intelligence on terrorism activity. Finally, he is actively engaged in research on the networks of child and human trafficking and cyber aggression on Twitter.

Glenn is also interested in the scholarship of engagement and the scholarship of teaching and learning. He is actively developing a Public Scholarship Consortium to enable the connection of scholars and practitioners across disciplines dedicated to collaboration with communities in knowledge creation initiatives that address public issues and are publicly accessible. This Consortium will be launched in summer of 2017.

Recent publications have been featured in the International Journal for Rural Law and Policy and American Journal of Community Psychology. Prior to his graduate work at The Pennsylvania State University, Glenn received an M.A. and B.S. from Michigan State University.

Glenn is currently an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Penn State Abington.