Working at the Criminal Justice Research Center has exposed me to the wide variety of research projects that are being conducted and has given me the opportunity to work on several of them. Along with providing great learning opportunities, I have also gained access to incredible mentors that have always been ready and willing to answer any questions I may have about either the work or even what a future in Criminology could look like for me.

Ada Basic

Having the opportunity to work on the Intergroup Hostility Project as a paid research assistant has been increasingly rewarding. Being able to contribute to a comprehensive database of intergroup conflict events has allowed me to delve deep into a topic that I would never think to otherwise.

Mandoline Bhuiyan

I worked as a research assistant for Dr. Adler’s study involving religion and local governments during the fall, spring, and summer semesters of the ’22-’23 school year. Although my role mainly involved heavy data retrieval, entry, and checking, I was able to get a good glimpse into the many moving parts of a research project in higher level academia. It was a valuable experience for me and I’m grateful to Dr. Adler for the opportunity to help out with his project.

Bryan Wang

I am a criminology student with a focus in legal studies. With Dr. Ulmer, I am researching the relationship between religiosity and adolescent deviant behaviors. Particularly, I am focusing on religiosity, violent behaviors, and substance use.

Madison Campsey

Working as an assistant researcher at the Criminal Justice Research Center has been an amazing experience and I would highly encourage anyone with any interest in Criminology and Criminal Law to become a part of it!

Tiffeny Ayoola

My name is Ember Milstead, and since my junior year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Jeffrey Ulmer and Dr. Gary Zajac as a paid research assistant for Penn State’s CJRC. Presently, I am assisting them with a study on the demographic and prosecutorial factors which may influence homicide prosecution in the great state of Pennsylvania.

Ember Milstead
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